Fake Outrage — It’s a FUCKING EPIDEMIC.

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to JudgyBitch for reprinting my blog post “The Ugly Truth“. Thanks so much!

Now onto the post. Fake outrage is something that I see so often in my daily life : On the internet (where I spend wayyy too much time) and IRL (yes I do go outside on occasion). I have always noticed its presence, especially on twimblr, epitomised in the form of the SJW.

However this little story, this life event, led me to the discovery of another perfect example of fake outrage.

I think pretty much everybody has come across this type of person, who just says:

“…XYZ…I’m not trying to be an arsehole”

Or the classic,

“Look, I’m not an arsehole but… XYZ…”

Or any variation of the above, ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

And they are right. They’re not arseholes, they’re not arseholes. They are FUCKING CUNTS.

GIRL : “I’m not an arsehole, but if I ever see that bitch strawberry cream (not her real name) again, I’m gonna punch her in the face.”

ME : “But-but-but-that girl never did anything to you. Why do you want to punch her in the face?”

GIRL : “uhhhhhhh……..”

Now a little context. Everybody was “angry” at strawberry cream because she lied about some shit. It was some pretty dark weird shit to lie about, but she didn’t lie to EVERY person in the entire school, she only lied to about 20 or so people. However, thanks to the SJW era in which we live, everyone in the whole fucking school, even people who weren’t friends with her, people who didn’t associate with her, people who didn’t even know her until she was EXPOSED (I go to a very big school so you can’t really get to know every person in your year group), were getting all up in arms, all fucking outraged with her.

Yeah she lied, and yeah, that’s bad. BUT WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ANGRY?

So once upon a time, bananacream (me) was sitting with her friends (and some people who, well, I wouldn’t consider them MY friends, but they were always just hanging around), in the common area. All of a sudden, out of nowhere this rando cunt, let’s call her Cunty McCuntface, who I didn’t even know was in my year group, and most definitely was not friends with strawberry cream (prior to the EXPOSING) said :

Cunt McCuntface : “I’m not an arsehole, but if I ever see strawberry cream in the corridors, I’m gonna fucking shank the bitch! She best be keeping her distance.” LEGIT QUOTE.

First of all, you don’t have the gall (fancy word alert) to fucking shank a bitch, like WHAT? I bet you don’t even know how to make a shank, shut the fuck up. I mean neither do I! I’m not going to stand here pretending to be some fucking badass gangsta motherfucker, so why are you?”I’m gonna fucking shank the bitch!” Uhhhh… no just shut the fuck up.

ME : “I didn’t realise you and strawberry cream were close (on account of the fact I didn’t even know who the fuck this girl was), did she lie to you about the dark twisted shit?”

Cunty McCuntface : “She lied to everyone.”

Me : “She didn’t lie to everyone, she lied to 20 or so of her friends. Were you and her friends?”

Cunty McCuntface : “Well, no.”

Me : “Then why the fuck are you angry?”

Cunty McCuntface : “I’m angry about the fact someone would dare lie about such a thing. I mean that’s so fucked up. It makes me angry that she can walk around school and get away with that shit.”

Me : “Yeah, but why are YOU angry, though?”

Cunty McCuntface : “IT’S FUCKED UP!”

Me : “Yeah… it’s fucked up. Why are YOU angry though. She didn’t lie to you.”

Cunty McCuntface storms out of the room.

In the corridors, in the classrooms, random people, people who weren’t involved, who weren’t personally lied to, were yelling, and hollering, and bitching about strawberry cream. I was confused as to… why? I personally, was actually lied to. She was my friend, and she betrayed my trust, but I was nowhere near the level of outrage these randos were at.

Then I had an epiphany. These CUNTS weren’t outraged at all. They weren’t genuinely mad. NO! THIS WAS ALL FUCKING FAKE!

I started to notice, all those people yelling and screaming about how angry they were all said the same two phrases:

“I’m not an arsehole…”


“I would never do something like that…”

She did something wrong, and ever since we were little kids we’ve been told lying is bad. I’m pretty confident that I would never lie about something to my friends, and completely betray their trust. No one wants to think of themselves as someone who would lie, as someone who would do something wrong.

You know how some people who are really insecure about something, keep repeating over and over again that they are not the thing they are insecure about. Like the whole “no homo” trope.

Well because these individuals kept on repeating how they are not an arsehole, how they would never lie about such a thing… It sounds like they are insecure about being an arsehole. They aren’t sure whether or not they would lie about such a thing.

They didn’t know strawberry cream personally. So it was easy for them to forget she was a person. They didn’t see her as a person, they saw her and her actions as an opportunity. An opportunity to get “angry” about an immoral action, an injustice,  thus making them feel better about themselves. Making themselves feel morally superior, like they are the better person, and temporarily masking, covering up their own insecurities about themselves. To them, she wasn’t a person who made a mistake. She was an opportunity to get up on their high horse, to feel self-righteous, by putting other people down, all under the guise of moral superiority.

That pisses me off. I get angry, but I’m not angry so I can feel better about myself. I get angry because I hate liars, manipulators, and BULLSHIT. This is bullshit. Everyone is so self involved, self obsessed, ME, ME, ME, ME, Me. She’s a 17 year old girl who lied to her friends, not hitler. You’re only angry so you can feel better about yourself.

SJWs, third-wave feminists, all that lot are the same. We are privileged little fucks who live in a first world country. You feel guilty about it. So instead of contributing to society, going out and helping those less fortunate, what do you do. You bitch, you moan, you whine. You make angry slam poems, and scream at people in “protests”. All so you can feel like you are in the right and everyone else is in the wrong. All so you can feel better than everyone else, and therefore feel better about yourself.

Fuck you. You have no integrity whatsoever.




OK. I’m angry. (What a surprise). It all started with one little tweet.

The pic reads:

“One in four women in England and Wales is abused during her lifetime with one in nine severely physically abused each year. Two women are killed every week on average by a current or former partner. Figures from the Office for National Statistics in 2015 revealed that 1.4 million women had experienced domestic abuse in the past year.

These statistics should force us to confront the ugly truth – domestic abuse is perpetrated by the guy next to you in the coffee queue, the man in the next cubicle at work, the old friend you’ve known for years.”

Except… NO IT DOESN’T. Even if the stats were accurate and reliable (which we’ll come onto in a minute, oh don’t you worry) it still doesn’t mean that all the random men that a women will come across in her life are PERPETUATING ABUSE. Having a penis doesn’t equate to perpetuating abuse.

It’s a fear mongering radical nonsensical leap of logic that a lot of “feminists” make and not only is it ANNOYING AS FUCK, it is also really harmful and dangerous.

Let me elaborate my little munchkins…

Domestic abuse, physical abuse, harassment, KILLING, are all horrible HORRIBLE FUCKING DISGUSTING things for anyone to be a victim of. Suggesting that ordinary women, on a very regular basis are exposed to these things, and all men perpetuate this behaviour, not only demonises all men, it belittles the severity, the awfulness, the disgusting nature of this behaviour. By making these issues something that “all women face” you’re taking away from the victim. You’re suggesting that her experience isn’t unique, and thus her suffering isn’t as big of deal… because look mate, all women experience this shit daily.

BUT… We don’t. “The statistics though they sho”—THE STATS?! All the stats you used are complete and utter horseshit!! OK… I’m exaggerating, but ummmm… LET’S DELVE IN SHALL WE!

“One in four women in England and Wales is abused during her lifetime” WHERE IS THIS STAT FROM? “One in nine severely physically abused each year” WHERE IS THIS STAT FROM? “Two women are killed every week on average by a current or former partner.” WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS STAT FROM?

Well the link in the tweet is to this article on the telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/johnny-depp-divorce-our-reaction-to-amber-heards-domestic-violen/

It’s a nonsense article about Johnny Depp and his wife divorcing and how everyone was victim blaming or whatever — typical bullshit like… whatever. Read it for yourself if you want to KYS.

(TURNS OUT, this is the chick, Laura Bates, who made the ridiculous claim that every rando dude you come across is perpetuating domestic abuse bollocks. )

To be fair to her, she links her stats. SO I CLICKED. It takes me to http://www.refuge.org.uk/about-domestic-violence/ and at the bottom :

domestic abuse stat

Uhhhh… no link to the source of this data. Maybe it’s in the pink link? Let’s take a look…  http://www.refuge.org.uk/get-help-now/what-is-domestic-violence/

Yeah… nothing.

SO I uhhh… well searched for about 3 fucking hours. (It wasn’t worth it).

The video speed is VERY OBVIOUSLY SPED UP. Oh and yeah this is just for the 1 in 4 stat. I WORK HARD FOR THIS SHIT.


The one in four statistic apparently comes from a study done by the European council in 2002. Maybe I’m fucking retarded? I can’t find that study. Also… 2002 (in case you hadn’t realised its 2016). The one in nine statistic…  comes from a study about childhood sexual abuse in England, I think, as that’s all I can FUCKING find!  “Approximately one out of nine women in England reports childhood sexual abuse, which is more than double the rate for men, and women with such histories are ten times more likely to experience further sexual abuse as adults (Bebbington et al., 2011).” Last but not least the killing statistic is, I think, is from this article on the charmingly named website Women’s agenda. http://www.womensagenda.com.au/talking-about/item/5319-two-women-are-now-killed-by-domestic-violence-every-week-the-time-for-discussion-is-over-it-s-time-to-act  According to this article, 13 Australian women have been killed as a result of domestic violence in the first seven weeks of 2015 which amounts to 2 a week.

Now if you’re a sexist vagina hater like myself (sarcasm) you would think to yourself… hmmmmh, maybe that was just a peak in the first seven weeks of 2015. Perhaps?

NO! Apparently this is “not an anomaly. It is in line with a well-documented trend of domestic violence incidents and homicides increasing steadily in recent decades in Australia.” Is that a link you see! FINALLY SOME REFERENCES! CLICK CLICK CLICK…

domestic abuse stat


So basically people don’t know how to reference, and there is no real way of knowing what stats the telegraph lady and the refuge site are banging on about because they don’t let us know. WHOOPDEE FUCKING WHOOP.

Wait! You exclaim. There’s one more stat you missed out you NOOB!

FUCK YOU! You can call me misogynistic bananacream bastard mongrel cunt but HOW DARE YOU call me a noob. I’m no noob.

“1.4 million women had experienced domestic abuse in the past year.” Now for this stat, the telegraph lady links a guardian article http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/feb/12/14-million-women-suffered-domestic-abuse-last-year-ons-figures-show (what?), and the same stat on this article links me to this another guardian website, which is absolutely useless  http://www.theguardian.com/uk/office-for-national-statistics (WHAT?). So I did some deep internet research, some real hardcore digging (google). So I google and find the ACTUAL SOURCE (why is it so hard to find where shit comes from seriously did you not do A level coursework? Reference properly JESUS) which is right here: http://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/compendium/focusonviolentcrimeandsexualoffences/2015-02-12/chapter4violentcrimeandsexualoffencesintimatepersonalviolenceandserioussexualassault

This stat I can’t dispute. 8.5% of women reported having experienced any type of domestic abuse and this equates to 1.4 million. This is from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), which is an awfully reliable source of statistics, so you know, credit where credit is due.

I was like yeah fair enough, fair enough, but then… I thought to myself… hmmmmh. DOMESTIC ABUSE. hmmmmh. Now being the prejudiced straight cis-gendered piece of shit that I am, when I see domestic abuse, I think husband hitting wife. Not necessarily the case though is it?

“Domestic abuse: this category combines partner abuse (non-sexual), family abuse (non-sexual) and sexual assault or stalking carried out by a current or former partner or other family member. This broadly matches the Government’s definition of domestic violence and abuse[2].” From the ONS document.

Firstly partner can be male or female or someone who is gender-fluid (JS that’s how some people define themselves OK). Secondly it can refer to family abuse, so a father, an uncle, a brother, OR a sister, a mother, an aunt, even your grandma. So while this stat is very reliable, and does indicate that there is large number of women who encounter domestic abuse, IT DOESN’T INDICATE THAT ALL ABUSERS ARE MEN, and therefore the dude behind you in the coffee shop doesn’t necessarily beat his wife at home JUST BECAUSE HE HAS A DICK. JS.

At the end of the day, this is just one badly written article, you may be thinking to yourself. There MUST be some well written good hard piece of evidence that leads to the reasonable conclusion that all men wanna hit their bitches yada yada yada… Well I’m very sorry to say that… NOPE. This is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have been annoyed about this for a long LONG LONG time (ok like 3 years but I’m only 17 so gimme a break m8)  and these logical leaps are just… FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

What is the root cause of domestic abuse? What is the root cause of sexual abuse? What is the root cause of physical abuse? Is it sexist bigoted men EVERY SINGLE TIME? Maybe there are one or two CRAZY MISOGYNISTIC BASTARDS out there raping and hitting women. However, I think individual cases, each have their own individual unique root cause, and these issues should be tackled in a nuanced manner, by providing support to the victim, therapy and all that jazz, most certainly not by making bold brash crass fearmongering statements.

I don’t live in a constant fear of rape, and neither should you. I am a half-white girl who lives in a first world country, where having a vagina no longer makes me into a victim. There are places in this world where I would be married off by now. Where I would be a sex slave. Where stones would be thrown at my head while shoulders down I would be in a hole in the ground.

Wake up to fucking reality. We are the privileged ones. You’re using a social justice movement to fuel your self-righteousness, to fuel your victim mentality, whilst simultaneously discrediting the movement and warping its ideology.

There used to be a time when being a feminist was a good thing. Where we stood up for actual abuses of human rights. Now we complain about sexist lighters. Now it’s a movement full of shitheads.




“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

Yeah. Right next to our lord and saviour Satan on his right-hand fucking side. JKS

In all seriousness this quote, this saying, or whatever the fuck, is literal cancer.

Don’t use the feminist ideology and “solidarity of women”, “sisterly love”, (etc, etc, all that bollocks), as crutch to excuse your inadequacy, your bullshit, your FUCKED UP BEHAVIOUR.

Whatever gender, if you’re acting like a cunt, you’re acting like a cunt. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna call you out on it.

You do realise that you are exploiting a very important social movement which allowed you to walk outside without having to cover your fucking ankles, which stopped people raping you in the goddam street, to excuse, to cover up, to avoid facing the consequences of your cunty behaviour, AND FEELING SELF-RIGHTEOUS ABOUT IT.

You trying to make me feel bad about calling you out on bullshit is not going to work.

Suck my dick bitch.

Oh dear, was that sexist of me?